BLUEBELL provides consultation, psychological therapies and mental health care for children, young adults and families.

Welcome to Bluebell Therapy & Consultation.

Bluebell Therapy & Consultation is a service dedicated to the well-being of young people and families.

The service provides assessment, therapy and advocacy for young people experiencing mental health distress.

Bluebell is a trauma informed and neurodiversity affirming service. We recognise that a young person is a unique individual and as such we provide several child & adolescent evidence based Psychological therapies, Art and Play modalities as well as Family based therapies.

At Bluebell we know the importance of family, school, and wider systems for young people, therefore our approach is holistic, consultative and as family centered as possible when working with young people.

Our Services

Individual THERAPY

At Bluebell Therapy & Consultation we work alongside young people experiencing anxiety, grief, depression, non-emergency self -harm presentations and behavioural difficulties.

We also treat school-based issues such as bullying and school refusal.

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Creative Therapeutic Play

Therapeutic play can be used for anyone but for younger children it is a highly suitable, developmentally appropriate method of counselling.

Play based therapies build on a child’s inner resources and supported by a skilled therapist bring about growth development and healing for a child.

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Family Systemic Therapy

The aim of Family Based Therapies is to foster stronger relationships and connections.

It can be used to facilitate a family through a difficult period, with major transitions, or with the mental or physical health problems of family members.

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If there is a Mental Health Crisis, you can contact CAMHS Crisis Connect.
It is available 24hrs on 1800 048636 (if 17yrs or under).
Or the Mental Health Emergency Response Line on 1300 555788 (18yrs and over).

If it is an Emergency please call 000